The brand Adidas dates back to 1949, in Germany, when Adolf Dassler chose to register its brand after many years of working in the field producing all types of footwear. The brand’s name Adidas is a portmanteau formed from the founder’s nickname “Adi”, and the first three letters, "Das", of his family name Dassler. Together with the brand’s name came one of the world’s most famous logos, the three-stripe signature logo to make sure that Adidas footwear could easily be seen from afar and strike a difference.

Initially Adidas invested a lot in the world of sports and this investment has paid off. Adidas started by creating the first adjustable spiked running shoes and later the first removable spikes running shoes. The many gold medals won by a broad range of athletes wearing Adidas took the brand to an altogether different level. The brand's development and high quality products have made Adidas highly successful and a truly global sports brand.

The brand started to expand internationally as it opened its first factory outside Germany, in France, when it had been working for a mere 10 years. Adidas has diversified its offer to comprehend not only footwear  but also sports clothing football balls and products for other sports.

The brand is currently Europe's sports products market leader. It is present in over 160 countries with around 2800 own brand stores, 900 of which are outlet stores.

Boasting decades of expertise in the field, Adidas is one of the world's major sports brands widely known for quality and innovation, features that have been part of the brand's history from inception. In the Adidas store of Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet, you will find a wide variety of products for all sports, tastes and ages.