Carolina Herrera

The brand Carolina Herrera was founded in 1980 by the Venezuelan top fashion designer Carolina Herrera who became a naturalized United States citizen several years later. Carolina Herrera has often been acclaimed as one of the most elegant women in the world, a woman who displays her timeless and classic style in each of her pieces. Carolina Herrera clothes go hand in hand with elegance and have gained her innumerous fans worldwide.

Although Carolina Herrera was born in Venezuela, it was in the United States that she founded her own brand. It was in the United States also that she had her first runway show and where she initially designed collections and unique pieces for celebrities, the wedding dress of Caroline Kenney being a good example of that.

From 1988 onwards, the brand Carolina Herrera also launched fragrance and cologne lines that gained her universal acceptance. In 2000, the brand opened its first flagship boutique on Madison Avenue, New York. In 2011, Carolina Herrera launched her first eyewear collection. The brand's handbags and accessories are yet another successful line. With over 37 years in the fashion world, the brand's products are available in more than 100 countries.

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