The brand Chicco was founded in 1958 by Pietro Catelli after the birth of his son Enrico, affectionately known as Chicco. Pietro wanted to create a brand specialised in baby products and he used his own experience with his son to design products that were not easily available at the time and that would help other parents.

The brand has grown to become a household name and a leading pioneer brand in the baby product market worldwide. It was Chicco that:

  • created the first cot mobile that helped many children fall asleep at night;
  • invented the first bottle warmer that made mothers' life so easy;
  • designed the first baby bodysuits, that made it possible for babies not to wear too many layers of clothes;
  • created the first teat with anti-colic system, a huge innovation at the time;
  • started to produce several toys not only to entertain the baby but also to stimulate learning and development;
  • created the first baby monitor system to enable parents to monitor their children from a distance;
  • among so many other products.

Chicco believes where there is a baby, Chicco must be there to understand the baby in each stage of its growth. Chicco needs to listen to what the parents have to say so as to provide them with the easiest, most efficient solution to each situation. Chicco needs to create newer and better products always adapted to each stage of the babies' development and growth. Chicco needs to be there every day since the moment the baby is born. Because no one knows children as well as Chicco does.

Chicco believes that making a baby smile is the best job in the world. Everything Chicco produces comes from a specific aim: go to the baby's place, get to know the baby and make the baby happy. Because Chicco knows that the best reward and the best gift in the world is a baby's smile.

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