The company was founded by Swiss designer Thomas Meyer in 1984 in Spain and it is headquartered in Barcelona- Desigual is a true phenomenon in today's fashion world. Irreverence, youthfulness and nonconformity, three words that can be used to define DESIGUAL

Created to fight unvarying uniformity in fashion, the brand tries to reflect the individuality and uniqueness of each person in line with the brand's philosophy "We dress people, not bodies". The brand's own logo is unusual featuring a reversed S in the word Desigual.

Desigual currently sells its products in over 110 countries, has own-brand stores in Portugal, Spain, the United States of America, Paris, England, Germany, Italy and in many other countries, besides the 9000 multi-brand stores where it has a presence.

Every year over 2500 different types of clothing items are designed, and the brand's collections offered by each store are never completely the same. The collection available from the Desigual Outlet Store of Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet is unique and different from all the other store collections of the brand

Design and store decor go hand in hand with the brand's flair and are really vibrant embracing shoppers in an unusual shopping experience with permanent surprises. When you enter a DESIGUAL store, you will find a playful, free-spirited store with a wide choice of items as daring as the brand itself, at amazing prices.

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