Launched in the late 1970s, Diesel is an Italian unisex jeanswear that sells a broad range of products such as watches, fragrances, eyewear, underwear, jewellery, accessories and footwear.

The beginning of the brand Diesel dates back to 1978, in Milan, Italy, when Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmeid decided to launch a casual, high-quality clothing brand that would be an alternative to the established luxury market.  A brand that would stand for passion, individuality and self-expression. An instant success, in a few years the brand was a fashion-market leader in Italy.  

The brand has evolved steadily and branched out worldwide. In 1986, it opened its first store in Japan and within the next four years Diesel had opened another 36 stores across the world. In 1996, it opened its first large flagship store in New York, then in London and in Rome. The US market has become the biggest market for the brand with its highly successful denim wear. Such an extraordinary growth was only possible due to the top quality products offered by Diesel.

Diesel trousers are produced wholly with traditional artisan techniques, they are hand washed and in this process even the water temperature is monitored. Diesel is also known for making partnerships with other iconic brands creating limited edition pieces and products.

Diesel is present in around 80 countries, in a total of more than 560 stores. Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, United States of America,, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Austria, China, Colombia, Denmark are some of countries where Diesel has stores.

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