El Ganso

El Ganso was founded in 2004 by Álvaro and Clemente Cebrián, two twenty-somethings passionate about fashion. Álvaro and Clemente had spent several summers in England learning English and decided to bring London fashion to their home country, Spain.

Their idea was simple: to design quality pieces that would reflect the individuality of shoppers when they wish to have fun and unique pieces in their wardrobes.

The first El Ganso store opened in Madrid in 2006. After opening other stores in Spain, the brand made a leap abroad and opened a store in Paris, then Lisbon, Santiago de Chile and London in 2011. In just five years, the brand opened stores in five different countries. And it has never stopped. By 2015, El Ganso had stores in ten different countries. It now has more than 200 stores.

In the El Ganso outlet store, you will find men's, women's and children's collections with footwear, shirts, trousers, coats, dresses, skirts, shorts, polo shirts, swimwear, nightwear and accessories, among many other items.

In the El Ganso outlet store, all the top-quality clothing products are made in Europe and are offered at reasonable prices. The store decor is inspired by 1970s London and features tartan patterns easy to adapt to all styles.

Discover EL GANSO and choose to be classic, timeless, urban or casual.