Escada is a European brand that produces and markets luxury women's clothing. With a wide range of products in haute couture and sportswear, perfumery, watches and fashion accessories, Escada is positioned as one of the leading brands in the women's haute couture market.
Since its inception, in 1976, by Margaretha and Wolfgang Lei, the ESCADA group has attained a steady growth, being established in more than 80 countries, with about 1.100 stores.

Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet’s ESCADA outlet store occupies a 250 square-meter area, with a modern decoration, in which the stainless steel of the furniture and the wood of walls and floors blend to make the space sophisticated and cosy, whilst the combination of predominantly grey and red colours emphasise the elegance and luxury projected by the brand.

At the Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet’s ESCADA store you will find a wide variety of products by this brand, from surplus stock and previous collections, which come from stores all over Europe. The lines ESCADA and ESCADA Sport, which are now also available at the Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet store at lower prices, convey the passion for fashion through colour, exclusive details, perfect cuts and the classiest quality. The line ESCADA SPORT stands for the most casual chic stylishness, an urban style and a very contemporary femininity.

Discover the Escada Outlet store, where luxury, glamor and haute couture merge with low prices.