EUREKA is a renowned Portuguese footwear brand with more than 30 years of experience in the field. It was founded in 2009 in the Alberto Sousa Lda, a company present on the Portuguese market since 1986. The brand holds a unique position in the footwear world that comprehends all production steps, ranging from design, manufacture and points of sale topped by a personalized customer service.  

Eureka is widely renowned for its top quality footwear and leather items in many diverse styles, classic, alternative or sports.

EUREKA also offers renowned international brands such as Tosca Blu, Vicenza or CafèNoir and other national brands like:

  • Filipe Sousa, the brand's line for men and women who are looking for an exclusive distinctive style.
  • Eureka Trends, its own brand,
  • Eureka 25 Years, a limited numbered edition from the first pair of shoes ever sold by Eureka in 1989
  • Mr Sousa, an exclusive limited collection for men who cannot live without comfort and top quality,
  • Miss Julia, an exclusive limited collection for women who care about day-to-day minor details.

among many others.

Prepare to be surprised: the brand also offers special collections by renowned top designers like Nuno Gama, Ricardo Andrez, Luís Carvalho, and others. Public figures like Manuel Luís Goucha, who inspired the Destino(s) Collection, or Eugénio Campos who joined the Eureka designers team to create a collection to mark the 5th anniversary of the store network opening.

Come and visit us and breathe new life into your feet.