The history of the company HARIBO is one of unique success!
That which started in a small back kitchen on the outskirts of Bonn, with a bag of sugar and a copper kettle, has developed into one of the most successful and beloved quality brands in the candy industry. This daring and enduring journey is not confined to the German market: HARIBO has also left a strong mark on the market outside Germany's borders for a long time: HARIBO has become a world leader in the commerce of fruit and liquorice gum!

The secret behind this success story is, firstly, and naturally, correlated with HARIBO’s products’ unfailingly high quality – and excellence – throughout decades. Furthermore, HARIBO has consistently built, both nationally and internationally, a narrow sales and production network. Finally, its market leader position is also justified by a consistent development of the product range through the acquisition of other quality brands, both in Germany and abroad.

The special development of various candies so as to adapt exactly to the traditional preferences of each country in terms of flavour is also an important factor for HARIBO’s international success.