A timeless classic. Get the pair of jeans you have been looking for! Since Levi's invented the jeans in 1873, it was a blank canvas ready for self-expression. Always original. Today, Levi’s® continues to evolve through a tireless innovative spirit.

The beginning of the Levi's brand dates back to 1873 in San Francisco, USA when the tailor Jacob Davis urged Levi Strauss to be his business partner to patent the "blue jeans" with metal rivets added for further resistance, a process that Levi and Strauss had invented.

Levi's trousers were an instant hit with miners, farmers, and railroad workers not only because their jeans did not fall apart but also because of their colour, a novelty at the time. The brand continued to grow and become famous. In 1908, it branched out into Japan, then Australia and South Africa. In 1965, it expanded to Europe, now featuring more lines of clothing for men, women and kids. Levi’s® global hegemony was just beginning.

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