PARFOIS was launched in 1994 as an own design accessory brand and a market pioneer brand selling fashion accessories only and specializing in this market niche. Founded by Manuela Medeiros, from inception the brand was marked by a wide rotation of accessories, with new accessories being offered weekly.

Starting with a store in Porto, the 100% Portuguese accessories brand has been growing exponentially. It opened a second store in a shopping mall in Gaia and from then on it continued to grow and expand. Parfois has a presence in more than 50 countries in a total of 600 stores. Besides 100 stores open to the public in Portugal, the brand has stores in Spain, Dubai, France, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Tunisia, Greece, Italy, Ukraine, Morocco, Denmark, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and many others.    

PARFOIS has the mission to become a reference brand for trendy women offering them a wide range of products rotated frequently at affordable prices in welcoming, inviting places where customer service excels creating a bond with the store.

The brand offers a complete collection of fashion accessories such as bags and handbags, coin purse wallets, costume jewellery, scarves, watches and suitcases, among many others. In the PARFOIS outlet store of Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet you will find these products a reduced price.

Come and visit us and discover a brand that shows you how to mix and match accessories and trends.