Portela Cafés

The first Casa dos Cafés Portela, established in 1977, resulted from a passion for more than twenty-five years, ‘the passion for coffee’, a legacy from the lands of Angola.
This passion for coffee and tradition is what spurs us to travel the five continents in search for the finest coffee and mixing it with the thoroughness of an art. 

Portela Cafés’s coffee comes from the richest and most varied origins "All in all... it is the World served inside a cup of coffee."

And, following our motto, "we do not sell cups of coffee, we serve coffee", the brand is committed to offering a product of the highest quality, served with excellence, and for true coffee lovers.
Contemporary, with a past and always up-to-date, because at Portela Cafés we are passionate about coffee and the coffee business.

With charisma, dedication and excellence Portela Cafés serves the ‘World’ in a cup of coffee with Portuguese aroma. Visit Portela Cafés at Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet!