Portela Cafés

Founded in 1977, Portela Cafés resulted from a passion of more than twenty five years, ‘the passion for coffee’ – a legacy from the lands of Angola. This passion for coffee and tradition is the catalyst that spurs us to travel the world in search of the best Arabica and Robusta coffees, and also to blend them with the thoroughness of craftsmanship. Our coffee has the richest and widest-ranging origins and, with personality, commitment and excellence, we pour the ‘World’ into a coffee cup, with Portuguese taste.

Present in 10 shops in Lisbon, the newest one at Freeport, our shops are a meeting point for people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, who, at a welcoming and unique space, seek to enjoy and taste a wonderful coffee in an incomparable scenery. Portela Cafés, the passion of providing the best service to each Customer!