Quiksilver appeared in Torquay, Australia, in 1969, when surfer Alan Green decided to put into practice his dream of making a living from surf. Thus, Alan began to produce the famous boardshorts, which survive to this day. With the inclusion of John Law in the company, the business became real and hence was created the most famous brand of the surfing universe. The company logo, which depicts a giant wave surmounting a mountain on a red background, was inspired by the painting "The Great Wave of Kanagawa" by the Japanese artist Hokusai.

Since its inception, the Quiksilver brand has brought together functionality, art and fashion to develop shorts and other clothing items for mountain and ocean lovers all around the world. While staying true to its roots connected to mountains and waves, Quiksilver has become known as a premium lifestyle and youth culture brand in the extreme sports market. Quiksilver is constantly evolving its materials, printing and technology. In addition to surf shorts, the brand designs and produces a full clothing collection, with diving suits and snowwear that are available worldwide.

In 1990, the company created and associated the Roxy women's collection with the brand, a segment that, until then, had been neglected by the industry. This sub-brand’s logo illustrates two copies of Quiksilver's main logo, one of them reflected, forming a heart. By 2013, Quiksilver already had 834 stores worldwide. Their products include clothing, diving suits, shoes, books and even perfumes. The children's sub-brands, Roxy Girl and Teenie Wahine, complete the Quiksilver catalogue.

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