Since 1975, TUMI has been creating and producing essential accessories for travel and business, designed to enhance, simplify and provide beauty to all aspects of life on the go. Blending a reliable functionality with a certain spirit of naivety, the brand’s commitment is to convey more quality to travel and accompany travelers and creators in the demand for their passions.

The Tumi brand is known worldwide for being adept at developing technical details and perfecting the functionality of its suitcases, laptop bags or messenger bags. Currently, Tumi owns more than 25 design patents and technical concepts. The interior of Tumi bags and backpacks is designed according to the needs of modern customers, providing space for laptops or tablets.

The new Tumi T-pass models make for quicker check-in if you are traveling on business. In addition, the Tumi luggage label includes a localisation program to enable an easier solution to luggage loss problems. Tumi cases and bags have a unique product number which, once registered in an international database, can be used to find the owner of lost luggage very quickly. Even smaller accessories, such as Tumi wallets, are carefully thought through throughout the development process. In addition to their attractive design, they offer plenty of space for cash and cards. Laptop cases, trolleys and bags are also designed to withstand physical damage with the use of ballistic nylon or polycarbonate, protecting your luggage from scratches and scuffs, while locking systems and padlocks prevent theft.

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