Xti is a legendary Spanish shoe brand. It was created in Murcia, in 2000. Since then, it has offered an absolutely unique and varied selection of shoes, boots, sandals and accessories. Through a collection of different styles, the brand presents basic shoes, but also the latest footwear fashion trends, through a range of indispensable items.

Xti has different footwear lines for men, women and children. The main lines are: Xti Casual, with day to day footwear; Xti Sport, for the world of sport; Xti Elegant, with footwear for special occasions, where high heels prevail; Xti Kids, with modern, comfortable shoes for the little ones; Xti Man, with distinct types of footwear for men and Xti Accessories, the line of products such as bags, belts, purses, rucksacks among other accessories.

Xti also markets products of the brand names Refresh, Carmela and B3D-Bass3d.

The brand is currently present in a number of countries such as Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy and Saudi Arabia, among many others, with its own stores, outlet stores and multi-brand points.

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