ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS is one of the oldest brands in Europe. In 1731, Peter Henckels registered the brand Zwilling, of German origin, in Solingen, now a universal benchmark in cutlery and kitchen utensils, as well as beauty, manicure and pedicure accessories.

Throughout its constant growth, the Zwilling Grouphas been acquiring other premium companies and brands, both in the ménage and the beauty segments, which has allowed to support some strategic subdivisions and to expand its product range. Therefore, in addition to kitchen knives and accessories, it also offers kitchen accessories, stainless steel cutlery sets, cast iron cutlery sets, tableware, wine accessories, beauty, manicure and pedicures accessories... and so many other products.

The Zwilling Group products incorporate the experience and know-how of many generations. They are primarily conceived to serve the specific function for which they have been created, and, secondly, for their design. The execution must be perfect and the level of self-demand is as high as it gets. 
The result is a 'Premium' product which exceeds expectations, which surprises, which is a pleasure to use and which is designed to obtain the highest benefits in terms of quality and duration of cutting, ease of use, safety and hygiene.

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