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Saturday 29 September 2018

Pepe Jeans London has long realized the importance of sustainability in the denim production process. The launch of the Wiser Wash partnership for Pepe Jeans follows the new strategy of responsible innovation commitment, where the brand aims to revolutionize the way denim is thought.

The Wiser Wash collection is part of TRU-BLU, Pepe Jeans' responsible innovation program, through which the London brand aims to revolutionize the way we dress, understand and create denim today, so that future generations will someday do the same. By applying an environmentally friendly method of washing denim, Wiser Wash eliminates the use of pumice and toxic chemicals involved in traditional washing. In this way, this process allows us to maintain the classic details of denim while eliminating the use of corrosive chemicals and allows us to reduce energy and water consumption.

Over the next five years, Wiser Wash is expected to begin to be the industry's standard process, such is its ability to reduce water waste by 99 percent.

Leading this campaign, Pepe Jeans has selected four ambassadors, whom the word "model" does not apply, since they are true activists who aim to make the world a better place:

Kevin Youn, India Salvor Menuez, Wilson Oryema and Queeny Van Der Zande

Queeny Van Der Zande - is part of the Nakawe project, which has the motto #ProtectWhatYouLove. She is a strong advocate of sustainable fashion; Kevin Youn - more than a visionary is someone who has a contagious enthusiasm for sustainability and innovation. He is responsible and mentor of Wiser Wash technology.

Wilson Oryema - artist, model, human rights activist and blogger, fits in perfectly with this collaboration; India Salvor Menuez - uses her voice on various human rights issues, in addition, is co-founder of Repro Rights Zine.