Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Pet Friendly

1.1. The CENTRE may at any time change the authorization rules and conditions to access and circulation of ANIMALS (means dogs, excluding any other animals) in the Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet facilities.
1.2. Likewise, for safety, public order, accessibility, legal, administrative, technical reasons or any other reason that the CENTRE deems justified, the CENTRE may suspend, in whole or in part, temporarily or definitely, the application of this Regulation, as well as the authorization of access to and circulation of ANIMALS in the Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet facilities.
1.3. Rules and conditions laid down in this Regulation do not in any way harm or affect the access and circulation rules set in the Portuguese law with regard to assistance dogs (Decree-law 74/2007, of 27th March).
1.4. Under Portuguese legislation in force, particularly under Decree-Law 312/03, of 17th December, access to the shopping mall Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet facilities is strictly forbidden to dangerous animals including dogs of potentially dangerous breeds and cross-breeds of such dangerous breeds.
1.4.1. Dangerous dog breeds and cross-breeds of such dangerous breeds are the following: Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian mastiff), Dog Argentino, Pitt Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, American Stafforshire Terrier, Stafforshire Bull Terrier and Tosa Inu (Japanese mastiff).
1.5. It is strictly forbidden access of ANIMALS to:
1.5.1. public toilet facilities, including access corridors to toilets/baby care facilities;
1.5.2. technical areas closed to the general public;
1.5.3. service areas and food display areas in restaurants or cafeterias,
1.5.4. Units, except if the Units expressly accept animals in its interior.
1.6. SHOPS are run by entities independent from the CENTRE and SHOPS may, in their sole discretion but without prejudice to 1.3. above decide on conditions of access and circulation of ANIMALS in their own shop facilities. Units that authorize access to animals to its interior are identified with correspondent signage.
1.7. The CENTRE reserves the right to:
1.7.1. check the ANIMALS before authorizing access to the Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet;
1.7.2. deny access to the Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet of ANIMALS that, due to their own characteristics, behaviour, probable poor health or lack of grooming pose or may pose any risk or may disrupt the normal and regular operation of the CENTRE, safety and/or the well-being of the CUSTOMERS, employees, shop owners and of the remaining ANIMALS authorized to circulate in the Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet facilities;
1.7.3. deny access to ANIMALS in the Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet building in case the CENTRE reaches its maximum capacity [e.g. 15 ANIMALS simultaneously for every 3-hour period (three hours)].
1.8. Authorization of access of ANIMALS to the Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet interior shall be given by registering at the Information Centre and subject to the use of a leash (max. up to 2 meters long).
1.9. Checking-in and access authorization shall be valid for one visit only, that is, OWNERS shall have to comply with check-in procedure and obtain access authorization every time they visit the shopping mall.

2.1. By entering the Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet facilities with ANIMALS, OWNERS undertake responsibility and liability for all damage, personal or material, or losses that such ANIMALS may cause to the CENTRE, SHOPS, CUSTOMERS, other OWNERS or other ANIMALS.
2.2. Under no circumstance is the CENTRE liable for compliance with obligations of animal vaccination or delousing, OWNER being the sole person responsible and liable for such obligations.

3.1. In addition to the aforementioned, OWNERS shall always be liable for compliance with legislation in force with regard to animals.
3.2. This Regulation is governed by Portuguese Law in force at all times.
3.3. All disputes arising under this Regulation shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Lisbon.